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Payment by Purchase Order Form

Thank you for your interest in the conference CSDM 2013.

You will find here below the financial proposal of your registration to the conference. To finalize your registration, you / your Organization have 4 payment options:

  • Return this proposal signed to so that we edit you an invoice for payment
  • Or send us a purchase order at so that we edit you an invoice for payment
  • Or send an e-mail at by asking direct edition of the invoice related to your proposal (please specify the number of your proposal in the request)
  • You can also go back online and proceed directly to an online payment which will cancel the present proposal. An invoice will be edited and sent automatically to your email box.

Pre-registration references: file number is
Download the financial proposal

Please note that without a confirmation of the proposal, your registration will not be taken into account. For any problem or request, please feel free to send an e-mail to our contact address:

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