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About us

The CSD&M conference is organized under the guidance of C.E.S.A.M.E.S. non-profit organization and the Dassault Aviation - DCNS - DGA - Thales - Ecole Polytechnique - ENSTA ParisTech - Telecom ParisTech chair "Engineering of Complex Systems".

The chair "Engineering of Complex Systems" is a light structure, transversal to the Computer Science Department and the Computer Science Research Laboratory of Ecole Polytechnique.

Other guiding partner is Ecole Centrale de Paris.

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  We are sincerely grateful to the Omega Alpha Association, the leading international Honor Society for Systems Engineers, for its help to the scientific organization of the conference.

The website of the CSD&M 2013 conference is managed by the C.E.S.A.M.E.S. (Center of Excellence on Systems Architecture, Management, Economy & Strategy) non profit association which is in charge of the logistical coordination of the CSD&M cycle of conferences.

C.E.S.A.M.E.S. is an offshoot of the Dassault Aviation - DCNS - DGA - Thales - Ecole Polytechnique - ENSTA ParisTech - Telecom ParisTech Chair “Engineering of Complex Systems” with which it has close institutional links through a formal Partnership convention with both Ecole Polytechnique and Fondation de l’Ecole Polytechnique.

The mission of the association is to promote methods of Systems Architecture to allow professionals to better control the speed and execution risk in their technology projects.

Systems Architecture is a generic discipline – resulting from the convergence of different existing architectural traditions – which allows the building of solutions by apprehending the technical and human complexity induced by the integration of more and more numerous interconnected components.

C.E.S.A.M.E.S. organizes different activities to promote Systems Architecture:

  • Thematic-evenings on specific topics open to all,
  • Workshops & debates for specialists
  • The international annual cycle of conferences CSD&M (Complex Systems Design & Management) in Paris
  • Training and actions on Enterprise Architecture and Systems Architecture
  • Think Tank and convergence groups

C.E.S.A.M.E.S. also edits a newsletter on “Architecture & Complexity” and offers to all its members a large and updated document database on Systems Architecture.

C.E.S.A.M.E.S. legal office is located 2, rue de la Paix - 75002 Paris - France.