Paris - Cité Universitaire (France)

The CosMo Company

The Cosmo Company provides software solutions and services dedicated to complex systems. The Company software is used to develop models in various fields including cities, pharmaceutical industry, logistics and security. Our approach can be used to solve a variety of problems such as urban planning, bioproduction control, in-silico drug development, emergency responses preparation and critical systems robustness assessment. That is only a small sample of things that can be done. We provide a multi-domain full modeling and simulation platform and domain specific libraries to help control and predict complex systems. Key technological features include:

• A specific language for the dynamic modeling of complex systems (csmML)

• Heterogeneous model coupling and description of interactions between various levels across different time scales (entity, graph, compounding and scheduler)

• Flexibility of the model architecture allows new knowledge integration with a rapid turn around

The CoSMo Company is constantly looking for partners with interesting applications to develop new models.

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