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Obeo is a software provider, specialized in the model driven approach and a key player of the Eclipse platform. It is an actor of the Open Source ecosystem and a strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation; Obeo is one of the major Eclipse contributors, ranking up as one of the top contributing companies every year since it became a member.

The Obeo basic concerns are to provide open technologies allowing users to master the complexity of system engineering or evolution of an Enterprise Architecture.

Obeo offers the following products:

  • Eclipse Modeling as a foundation stack of any modeling environment (including Acceleo for code generation, and some ready-to-use generators)
  • Obeo Designer addresses the need to manage the complexity of systems. It allows you to easily create the custom graphical designers which exactly support your own business domain.
  • Obeo SmartEA a dedicated solution to Entreprise Architecture, can federate existing repositories to construct migration plan.
  • Consulting training, expertise and coaching, tailor made projects, support
  • Obeo Agility is dedicated to application knowledge mining, enabling software cartography and automatic software modernization from and to any kind of technology.

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