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Janin Jean-François


Jean-François Janin

Senior Engineer in the French Ministry of Transport, JF JANIN worked for Environment protection and Industry development in Paris and Clermont-Ferrand before being CEO of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lille. As ITS Task Force manager at the General Directorate for Infrastructures, Transport and See in the French Department of Transport since 2002, he acted for the creation of:

  • the platform for research and development of multimodal information (PREDIM) and the French Agency for Multimodal Information and Smart Ticketing
  • the NORMAFRET program for the deployment of dematerialised data exchange in freight and logistic
  • The Club Ecomobilité devoted to cooperation with China on urban mobility

He represents the French DOT in ATEC-ITS France and ERTICO (ITS-Europe). Since September 2012, he chairs the scientific group for ITS (GIS ITS) focussed on applications of information technologies in transport and mobility.