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IBM Rational Software

Discover a better way to make smarter, more competitive products

Today’s products and systems – from medical devices to cars to smart power grids – are becoming more intelligent and interconnected. To keep pace and stay competitive you need the ability to not only make your products smarter – you need to do so cost efficiently, quickly and with low risk. IBM Rational helps you transform how you design, develop and deliver both software and software embedded hardware (e.g. software in cars and phones), to create more innovative products and services, faster than your competition, with lower costs and reduced risk.

Overview of the Rational Solution for Systems and Software Engineering

The IBM Rational solution for systems and software engineering is an integrated solution helping teams to specify, design, implement and validate complex products and the software that powers them. It offers an integrated set of capabilities to enable you to predictably deliver competitive, high-quality products while meeting regulatory and compliance requirements.


Aerospace and Defense: IBM Rational solutions for aerospace and defense helps companies meet the challenges of delivering new capabilities against a backdrop of increasing competition and tightening budgets.

Automotive: IBM Rational solutions for automotive helps vehicle manufacturers and suppliers meet the cost, quality and compliance challenges of delivering new products to market rapidly through complex engineering supply chains.

Medical devices: IBM Rational solutions for medical devices helps companies meet strict regulatory standards for quality and patient safety while addressing product complexity, time-to-market and competitive challenges.

Electronics: IBM Rational solutions for electronics helps companies to deliver innovation on time and within budget while contending with new technologies, increasing complexity and standards compliance.

Tools capabilities

The IBM Rational® solution for systems and software engineering combines IBM development software, proven best practices, and flexible deployment services into a workbench to accelerate your development, helping you:

Get requirements right: Solicit, engineer, document, and trace requirements. Help your stakeholders define what they want, help them get it, and help your teams deliver when change inevitably occurs.

Create resilient architectures and innovative designs: Use visual modeling to validate requirements, to derive architectures, and to build embedded and real-time software.

Automate collaboration: Integrate planning and execution, automate workflows, and manage change across diverse engineering disciplines and development teams.

Manage quality: Use collaborative quality planning, automated testing, and defect management to achieve quality by design.

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