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Bellman Kirstie


Kirstie Bellman

Dr. Kirstie L. Bellman is a Principal Scientist in the Computer Systems Division and head of the Aerospace Integration Sciences Center (AISC), which she started upon returning to The Aerospace Corporation, a not-for-profit, federally-funded research and development center, after four years at DARPA. AISC’s focus is on the development of advanced system and model integration methods, new analytic techniques, and evaluation tools for assessing the impacts of new technologies. Upon completion of her term as a DARPA Program Manager for the Domain-Specific Software Architectures (DSSA) program, Prototech (rapid prototyping technology and formally-based specification languages), projects in the Computer Science Formal Foundations program, and the large Computer-Aided Education and Training Initiative (CAETI), she received an award from the Office of the Secretary of Defense for excellence in her programs. Recently, she received the 2008 Award in Technology from the Telluride Technology Festival. Other past awardees include Vint Cerf, Murray Gellman, Charles Townes, and Freeman Dyson. Dr. Bellman has over thirty-five years of academic, industrial, and consulting experience in both laboratory research and the development of models and information architectures for large military and government programs. Her published research spans a wide range of topics in Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, and Computer Science. Recently with both national and international partners, she is combining her work on reflective architectures (that use meta-knowledge and models to manage their own resources and to reason dynamically about appropriate behavior) with European Organic Computing approaches that emphasize the self-organizational properties of biologically-inspired architectures and operating systems.